Beveled Edge Screenboards (Set Lengths)

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Product Description

Radial Timber Screenboards are produced from narrow sections of durable Silver top Ash timber and provide a cost effective solution to household security, privacy or climate control. Our beveled edge screen boards are precision docked at lengths 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.1, 2.4.

Our beveled edge screening is the perfect option for someone looking for a different look then the traditional square edge screening.

Sizes come in:

  • 19 x 55
  • 19 x 80
  • 40 x 55
  • 85 x 40

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All boards are structurally sound and dressed and are the perfect option for someone looking for a timber with added feature.

Some boards may also contain miss, checking, gum vein.

Subject to availability 

Feature is where the timber has more fire streak then usual. This timber exhibits a higher level of natural features including gum veins, knots and ambrosia.

Miss is where the planer/moulder has not machined part of the timber and may contain an unsawn rough surface where miss has occurred.

Checking is separation of fibres radially across growth rings & along the grain forming a fissure, but not extending surface to surface, timber still structurally sound.

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40×55, 40×85, 19×55, 19×80,


Silvertop Ash

Issue Checking, Featured, Gum Vein, Miss
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